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College Terrace Green Team 2013 Garden Census Results

Results of the College Terrace Green Team 2013 Garden Census 

Greetings from the College Terrace Green Team! First off, my apologies for posting these results on a hidden page on my business website -- It was the easiest way I could figure out to make the large jpegs providing the results appear at a size large enough to be somewhat readable and still be easily accessible by a link on the Next Door social network.     

As for the results, 65 people responded out of the 555 College Terrace neighbors on Next Door. For most of the 10 questions, there are two charts. The first is a bar chart that shows the percentage of survey takers who grew a given type of plant, saw a given type of animal, undertook a given kind of activity, etc. The second chart simply states that percentage by number and also indicates the exact number of survey takers who grew that type of plant, saw that type of animal, undertook that activity, etc.  These charts are spread out over seven webpages.  You can navigate through them at the bottom of each page.

Individually written responses regarding requests for help are not included below, but they have been tallied and the Green Team will be considering whether we are able to follow up on these requests and how to make that possible.  

The Green Team hopes you have fun looking at some of what's going on in our neighborhood.  Have a great Fall Harvest! -- Hank

Question 1 

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