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Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling: Honoring Your Love with Sophisticated Partnership

Premarital Counseling at Family Tree Mediation

Years of experience mediating both marriage and divorce conflicts of all kinds, has resulted in an understanding of what leads to marital happiness and fulfillment and what leads to marital dysfunction and divorce.  In every case, in our experience, the quality of the marriage experience depends on the sophistication with which the lovers approach the project of life-partnership.  That phrase, "life-partnership", points to an important understanding.  For those entering into marriage, there is nothing you will do in your life that will have a larger impact on you than forming this partnership.  In marrying, you leave behind all the other lives you might live and place yourself under the center of gravity of another person.  The couple marrying thus becomes a double-star dance, each orbiting around the other, creating between them a third center of gravity, that of their partnership.  Together you pursue what we call your Best Happiness in this double-star dance.